On 1st January 2015, a very special puppy travelled with us back from Holland to the UK.

Reba (as far as we are aware) is the first dappled Standard Smooth in the country for a number of years.

Reba 31 Oct 2015

Bred by Lammy Hamelink in Holland, she was exactly what we were looking for – a dappled smooth with good markings, good lines and of good type suitable for the UK show ring. Luckily, being bred from a British dam, she has the length and size that we were looking for.


Gold Digger v.d. Vossebelt ex Carpaccio Chocolate Royale

DoB: 17/09/2014

Click HERE for her pedigree

photo 2

Reba at only a few weeks old but already we could see how well-marked she was. Lammy named all the puppies after chocolate companies and we thought Reba’s name was very fitting given that she was to become a British citizen!

photo 1

Reba at about 9 weeks.

photo 3

photo 4

Lammy kept us updated with plenty pictures and we couldn’t wait to make the trip to Holland from Devon just after Christmas 2014.

photo 5

Reba arrived home on 1st January 2015 at 15 weeks old. It was a long trip but every bit worth it. She settled in very quickly with the other dogs and started ringcraft mid-January.

photo 2

At 7 months old, Reba attended her first championship show, WELKS, in April 2015 where she placed 4th of 7 under breed specialist Sue Ergis. A week later she placed 2nd in her class at the Northern Counties Dachshund Association championship show under breed club president Jeff Crawford, qualifying her for Crufts 2016.

photo 1

At the end of summer 2015, Reba attended two championship shows – Richmond and Midland Dachshund Club – and won her classes.

Reba 13 Jun 2015


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